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The project management service is too often limited to simply the assignment of a project manager.
INFIN8 provides trained personnel who embody our core standardized project methodologies

Change Management

The evolution of a company or a department towards new working methods and tools starts, is commited and is implemented according to planned phases.

Machine delivery

Technological and technical locks to lift, internal and external resources to coordinate, production means to exploit, a normative framework to respect, in order to meet the budget and deadlines.

INFIN8 commits to plan and cost to manage your machine manufacturing projects.


Compliance, margin, comfort

Real-time cost measurement, proof of compliance with the evolving specifications and permanent schedule monitoring are essential to the success of any project.

The rigorous follow-up of these elements, joined to the risk management, ensure the unforseen problems will be nipped in the bud.

Driving / Method

LBIP : Life cycle for Business Improvement Management
GPP (Technical Readiness Levels)

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INFIN8 brings you the simple solutions created on MS Office allowing you to generate a constant visual reporting on a weekly basis of communication which solicits, professionalizes and thus strengthen human links between the project stakeholders.

"No one will blame you for having difficulties, you’ll be blamed for not having identified and communicated them"

Effective meeting

prepared and supervised Meetings = productive and FOCUSED Meetings

Set up reflexes within your organization 



As an essential tool for project management, the schedule must be able to be instantly adapted to the desired level of communication.

"Embracing cultures makes you more adaptable in a complex international environment"

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Data management

Even on a simple live bank of dates, data feeds needs to be verified and interpreted.

The right indicators are followed by good visuals.