In a continuous improvement culture, INFIN8 provides engineering resources placing methodology at the heart of delivery.
Our company offers the implementation of Lean in design offices and workshops.

Mechanical concept

From the idea to the prototype, INFIN8 leads you through the design stages necessary for the completion of a POC. Our team can produce 3D designs on demand and plans for manufacturing.


Harnessing the expertise of aeronautics and nuclear industry to enable innovation.


Systems Engineering

Processes form the foundation of organizations much like an orchestra. Procedures, instructions, templates and guidelines constitute the music to play. The project management provide the rythm. The designer, himself, blows the material of the project. Integration tune the whole.
Systems engineering is the orchestra’s chief conductor.


Lean Manufacturing

The art of relevant indicators, 5S, Ishikawa, Kanban, visual management, optimization of manufacturing processes and flows.

In pursuit of Six Sigma, Make sure you have implemented the above solutions in order to stay ahead.

Electron Beam

We welcome Electron Beam projects.

diffusion electron.jpg